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Comments [1]: The Free Online German Course


#11 [Manjit]2017-12-08 09:33
Without a doubt this is the best German learning website ever!
The amount of hard work is clearly visible and whosoever are present behind this great work have my best wishes and lot of love.

Keep up the good work.God Bless.
#10 [Jose A. Fuentes Rodriguez]2017-07-29 12:35
I want to learn German in english
#9 [Staneza]2017-01-24 01:38
Cool website, helped me a lot, especially with PASSIV... :)
#8 [Zander]2016-12-01 16:43
Awesome website. love it!
I have however noticed an error in
In präteritum section it should be "wir mochten" and NOT "wir mochtest"
[]2016-12-03 19:46
Thanks, we just fix it
#7 [Muhammad ]2016-11-21 18:27
very great website actually the best site to learn german...just one thing if you can add and examinations about each section it will be perfect
but great work keep going
[]2016-11-30 06:06
Good idea, we will try to do it
#6 [Leslie Leftley]2016-11-05 00:32
Can I subscribe to

Do you need my email?
[]2016-11-12 08:11
At the moment there is no subscriptions
#5 [Gurram Ravinder]2016-02-26 10:35
Please provide the best APP for iphone 6 for german language app
#4 [Gurram Ravinder]2016-02-26 10:31
i am very happy now.i am grateful to you.this website is fantastic
#3 [ezgi]2016-01-17 23:30
Wow, this website is so well done, thank you for your effort. Much love!
#2 [abdul hussein]2016-01-16 06:15
i am very happy now.i am grateful to you.this website is fantastic
#1 [Varsha]2015-08-02 08:25
Hallo! Mein Name ist Varsha. I am new to learning German and I'm very glad I found your website! Danke sehr for making it!

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