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Comments [1]: Adjective declension in German


#5 [Sasa]2016-10-06 19:31
I am a good carpeneter - Ich bin ein guter Tischler.
#4 [Joby Joseph]2016-09-26 13:13
how "i am a good carpenter" will have the declension.
which one is right and why?
ich bin einen guten Tischler oder
ich bin ein guter Tischler
#3 [Aya Ahmad]2016-05-20 09:56
In Mixed declension aren't we using "e" in Nominative and accusative plural if indefinite article comes before the adjective???
I mean with (kein) and (mein) we use "en" but with ein we use "e" Isn't it true???
[]2016-05-22 23:22
Hi Aya,

"ein" has no plural
#2 [Aya Ahmad]2016-05-20 09:26
helpful :) Thanks..
#1 [Learner]2015-08-20 16:09
Thank you!

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